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Tonight was the night I’ve been awaiting all week. A night of non-stop celebration. Why you ask? Well for starters my sweet best friend crossed the threshold and entered her twenties. Along with her, were three others of my nearest and dearest. That alone was reason to celebrate. Since May is happily upon us, Cinco de Mayo was of course the party theme of choice.

Myself and my roommates were the hostesses of this blessed event, so we spent the day decorating, baking, and getting eveything ready to go. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to be the house that does these theme parties. Anyone and everyone is invited, and it’s always a good time had by all.

This specific party was laced with all things spanish we could think of. From sombreros, to chips and salsa, to pinatas—we tried to be as ‘authentic’ as possible. Couple that with some Funfetti cupcakes and a little Rock Band and you’ve got yourself a slammin’ party.


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