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Newsflash: Actions Still Speak Louder Than Words

Seth Godin knows what he’s talking about in this post. What your kindergarten teacher taught you at age 5 still rings true. Now, this concept can and SHOULD be applied to all levels of life. Why do you think you learned it before you learned the art of leadership? The art of business? The art of relationships? Be it in your social or professional circles—your actions are what are left after everything else fades away.

Companies that understand this—understand much. You can talk all day about how your product will never fail or about how your customer service model is flawless….but it means little unless you have proof. Do you have satisfied customers? Do you have people outside of your team and your personal circles who believe in what you are doing? If you do, then you understand what a precious commodity that is. If you don’t, then it might be the key in bringing success to what you’re doing.


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Changing A Life Begins With A Single Step

I have always loved Toms. It’s a beautiful cause backed with a beautiful message. Toms sells shoes, and for every pair you buy—they’ll give a pair to a child in need. One-For-One is the campaign. What a slogan. What a message. What a movement.


Toms has only been around for a couple years. It’s still a relatively new market. So imagine my suprise when I was watching The Masters on TV and saw a commerical for my beloved Toms. It basically made my day. It was exciting on many different levels, but mainly I was jazzed that Toms snagged a spot during The Masters. What a steal. So many new people learned about Toms and their business model in a matter of seconds. One huge benefit to mass social media. TV commercials have the ability to inform countless people on countless issues in a matter of seconds. Thanks to this one 30 second commercial, the brand of Toms was expanded.

Until this point, Toms-fame has basically traveled by word of mouth. What a testiment to a great business model, as well as a testiment to the human race. People want to be involved in something that is good. Toms even agrees, “For anybody that is starting a small business or has an idea, incorporate giving in what you do.”

Their business model

Their business model


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PR, Advertising, and Marketing…Oh My!

In class, we had the privilege of hearing two Georgia Southern alums tell us about the world of PR from their firsthand experiences. Jeremy Estroff and Lauren Crawford are both employed with THREE, which is an Atlanta based firm that specializes in Public Relations, Advertising, and direct Marketing.

Jeremy and Lauren both reaffirmed what we’ve been learning all semester: press releases, researching, and social media outlets are all extremely important in the practice of PR. Lauren even goes so far as to say that social media is, “changing the face of PR.” From Twitter, to Facebook, to blogging—there are endless possibilities when it comes to the face of social media.

We were encouraged to learn strategy then create art. We need to start becoming prepared now for life post-college. Jeremy suggests doing any free-lance work we can, writing PSA’s for a company, and helping organize events. There is no better time than the present to begin gaining experience in the field of PR. We must create our own opportunity. We must always look to what is next. What is next in PR? What is next in trend? What is next in social media? We must constantly stay up-to-date and relevant.

Jeremy also reminds us to always aim to be memorable to editors. This is a must. Now is the time for all of us to be perfecting our writing style and credibility. Again, there is no time like the present.

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Catalyst Does It Again

Catalyst delivers, yet again. The company which has brought you 10 years of conferences with out-of-the-box creativity has served it up one more time. The new Catalyst website just launched last week, providing its fan base with a lot to look forward to. From the wildly popular West Coast event which just wrapped, to Catalyst One Days, the Catalyst brand has a reputation that does marketing departments everywhere proud. Lets just say, Catalyst knows how to leave an impression. Take the group leader kits they send out each year. These little bundles of joy encompass the most random assortment of items, sure to keep you and your team entertained, (or at the very least distracted) for hours on end. These group leader kits include brochures, dvds, fun mini games, and always come wrapped up in an obscure box. Some have been shaped like a pizza box, some like a tube, others a cube. At any rate, Catalyst knows their target market. They know that they are trying to influence 20-40 year olds. They know that this is a creative generation, so the best way to reach them is creatively. This company practices what they preach. Catalyst does not send you fun games without testing them out themselves. They’ve perfected the idea of ‘work hard, play hard.’ It might not be rocket science, but it just might be crazy enough to work.


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Tribes-We need YOU to lead us

When I heard we were going to be discussing Seth Godin’s latest book Tribes in my PR class, I was ecstatic to say the least! I was introduced to Seth Godin this past summer during my internship with Catalyst. He was one of our main stage speakers during the October conference. (OK–I promise that’s my last shameless hyperlink to the company I love!)

During the conference, we gave all 12,000 attendees a copy of Godin’s book Tribes—which has proved helpful in seeing the model of leadership as it is intended to be. In Tribes, Godin depicts the art of leadership beautifully. We learn that it only takes two things to turn a group of people into a tribe:
-A shared interest
-A way to communicate

Tribes are described to be those individuals directly effected by a certain leadership. They are a community, a force, and when a tribe is ran correctly, great and powerful things can and will occur.

One major point that Godin stressed that I loved states, “Part of leadership (a big part of it actually) is the ability to stick with the dream for a long time. Long enough that the critics realize that you’re going to get there one way or another…so they follow.” (pg. 132)*

I think that this statement has more truth to it than we care to hear. We are creative beings by nature. We each have countless dreams and goals that long to be realized and pursued. Intentionality and endurance to see these dreams come to fruition, is half the battle.

*Excerpt from Seth Godin’s book, Tribes.

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