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Twitter: Revisited

I surprised myself with how fast I took to Twitter. Within a few weeks, I was cranking out tweets like a pro. (HA!) In all seriousness, it was easy to jump into. Now, after some time has gone by, I can tell that twitter has become a more natural thing for me. I no longer sit and spend 5 minutes trying to decide what perfectly sculpted phrase I want to send out to the world. It’s becoming more second nature, instead of a daunting task.

Although the transition has been practically seamless, I still have a few questions about Twitter. Mostly I’m curious as to what Twitter will look like in the future. Will it continue as is, or will it commercialize to the point of being unrecognizable?

During my time with Twitter I discovered 3 PR Professionals that have been SO helpful:

Alison Bailin:@abailinShe is an Account Exec at HMA Public Relations and handles Media Relations, Crisis Comm, and Event Planning. It’s been beneficial to hear her take on social media and the world of PR in general.
SocialWebPR @socialwebpr This PR professional is based in the UK, and helps keep me informed with what’s going on in the world and how PR relates to that. A recently discussed topic includes Ashton Kutcher reaching a million followers.
PR Couture: @PR_Couture This company specializes in fashion merchandising and is based out of San Diego and New York. They talk about PR in the fashion world and how social media goes along with that. I’m not actually interested in fashion PR, but it is interesting none-the-less!

You can find me on Twitter @AnsleyLawhead.



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Tribes-We need YOU to lead us

When I heard we were going to be discussing Seth Godin’s latest book Tribes in my PR class, I was ecstatic to say the least! I was introduced to Seth Godin this past summer during my internship with Catalyst. He was one of our main stage speakers during the October conference. (OK–I promise that’s my last shameless hyperlink to the company I love!)

During the conference, we gave all 12,000 attendees a copy of Godin’s book Tribes—which has proved helpful in seeing the model of leadership as it is intended to be. In Tribes, Godin depicts the art of leadership beautifully. We learn that it only takes two things to turn a group of people into a tribe:
-A shared interest
-A way to communicate

Tribes are described to be those individuals directly effected by a certain leadership. They are a community, a force, and when a tribe is ran correctly, great and powerful things can and will occur.

One major point that Godin stressed that I loved states, “Part of leadership (a big part of it actually) is the ability to stick with the dream for a long time. Long enough that the critics realize that you’re going to get there one way or another…so they follow.” (pg. 132)*

I think that this statement has more truth to it than we care to hear. We are creative beings by nature. We each have countless dreams and goals that long to be realized and pursued. Intentionality and endurance to see these dreams come to fruition, is half the battle.

*Excerpt from Seth Godin’s book, Tribes.

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Ethics and PR: Chapter 3 Rundown

1) The business world is not as devoid of ethical practices like we all believe. Great PR professionals take pride in being people of character. The three basic value orientations in terms of ethics are: absolutist, existentialist, and situationalist. Another more old-fashioned notion still around today is the good ol’ Golden Rule.

2) No matter who we work for, we all have a respobnsibility to behave in an ethical manner. Even if we represent only one company or cause, we have no excuse to not behave accordingly. Society as a whole understands that an advocate for a particular cause is working on an assigned task with an assigned role—just as a defense lawyer or attorney might.

3) In today’s PR world, we are discovering gray areas. Lines seem to blur in the context of PR, Advertising, and Journalism. There are a miriad of reasons behind this current shift. One prevalent cause, is the current economic state we’re in. These pressures force many different organizations, especially specialty magazines, to connect paid advertising with editorial content. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the duties of PR personnel, and Journalists.

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How to Land The Top Job…

…It might be easier than you think. When you approach an interview, you are essentially attempting to sell yourself. You want this company to think you are the best, most qualified, most obvious choice. You want to WOW them. If you follow these 10 tips, you can begin to rest assured that you gave it your all. This by no means you’re guaranteed an offer, but it is a jumping off point none-the-less:

10. Always, always, always make sure that you’re refrences are informed that they are indeed your refrences. Make sure you’ve prepped them about your interview and the job opportunity that will hopefully follow.

9. Never ever forget to bring a copy of your resume. It’s important to make sure that your potential employer has a tangible representation of your time spent together. While we’re talking about resumes…

8. Keep it short!! One page is all that is required of a resume. Too much longer looks a bit drawn out, too short and it can appear too vague.

7. Use your manners! Send a thank you card AND e-mail after an interview. It shows that you truly care and it brings a ‘human touch’ to the sometimes tough business world.

6. Always know what type of interview you are about to walk into, and be ready for it. Whether its a phone, webcast, one-on-one, panel, ect. Always know so that you know how to prepare.

5. Inforce your own dress code. Remember, you are indeed trying to sell yourself as a certain ‘type’ or ‘brand.’ (One that will fit their company!) So your outfit should reflect your seriousness about the matter.

4. Know the company you are trying to be a part of! It’s important that you research and understand the workings of the team you are trying to join.

3. For those of us who are putting a resume together straight out of college, it is always best to shy away from highschool information. It’s ok if you include some very outstanding award or what not, but other than that…you should leave that information out.

2. In your resume, be specific about your career objective. Mention what you want to do and where you want to do it.

1. Be POSITIVE! Ask questions, and try to be yourself. Show what you can bring and how you can better the team!

Good luck!


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Wag the Dog—Critical Analysis

In Wag the Dog, the PR Professional went to many extremes to solve the problem at hand…whatever that problem may be. From creating a false war, to creating a false war hero, this character did whatever was necessary to restore goodwill to the President. Because of this, I would classify the PR Professional’s value orientation as situational. The Professional was willing to have the Producer, who was the brains behind all of his plans, killed when he threatened to leak top secret information. He believed that doing this ‘little’ bit of harm would outweigh the mess that would happen if the truth were revealed.

The PR Professional is clearly unethical on many accounts. First of all, is the issue of honesty. The PR Professional was is no way, shape, or form honest with the public. He created an illusion, an idea that he sold to the public and put the full weight of the White House behind him for clout.

I personally find the phrase ‘Wag the Dog’ ingenius. It is simply a play on the idea of a dog, or the public, having control over their actions or thoughts. In this case, ‘Wag the Dog’ means that the PR Professional and his team are telling the public what to think; they are in control.

He has confirmed the one thing that I have had to defend when I tell people that my major is Public Relations; that all PR Professionals are liars out to decieve the public into buying into a false reality. It is a major sterotype that is amplified in the movie to the point of being comical.

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Twitter Talk

‘A permanent facebook status?’ This was a hard notion for me to break. I’ve known about Twitter for awhile thanks to my summer internship with Catalyst. However, Twitter wasn’t anything that I was personally interested in….so I thought. I’ve now found Twitter to be worth way more than I expected. I was pleasantly suprised to see a large number of old friends embracing the world of Twitter just as I have. (Who knew there was yet another method to stay connected with people!) We’re able to use Twitter as an ‘Instant Messaging’ device, which has been fun. In addition to maintaining old friendships, I was able to expand and follow a variety of new people. From PR Professionals, to different organizations that I support, Twitter has allowed me to stay up-to-date with things I’m interested in. I never realized that all of the companies and entertainment venues I enjoy have Twitter. Being able to follow them has been a real treat! From following musicians I love, to getting a peak into the creative side of a company I cherish—it’s been an exciting ride to say the least! My original view of Twitter, was that it was a social media tool. I never really saw the benefits it had for job opportunities and prospects. I am now starting to see that Twitter can be used for all different walks of life. From building and maintaining relationships, to simply finding out more about a certain company, I’m looking forward to see what else Twitter can provide in the future.

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