Mother Nature

This is what I oftentimes refer to my mom as. Take my word, no woman is more concerned with God’s creation than my sweet Bob. (Bob=what the fam calls my mom) She drives around with a sack of catfood in her trunk, on the off-chance that she should run into a little kitty down on their luck. Even as a young child growing up on a farm, she was ALWAYS bringing home little animals and adopting them as family pets. (This can become problematic when you live on a farm where cows are raised to later turn into hamburgers.) Little chicks, cats, dogs, you name it—Bob loves it. During my 20 years of life with her, I cannot think of a single time that we did not have an animal dependent on us.

May 1st—Bob will be celebrating another year of life. (She would kill me if she knew I released that information onto the World Wide Web) I thought it so appropriate that DisneyNature’s new movie was hitting theatres around the same time. No one would appreciate the story of God’s little creatures like Bob would. So in honor of Bob, the recent celebration of Earth Day, and my sheer fondness of Disney….I present to you, Earth:


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“I Could Have Danced All Night…”

One of my all-time favorite movies has always been My Fair Lady. When I was a little 5-year-old, I use to dance around in my moms dresses and heels—pretending I could sing like my beloved Audrey Hepburn. She was my little idol.

My parents were kind enough encourage me in my singing endeavours, but my fame never left our living room. Little Hollie Steel has quite a different story. This 10-year-old sensation has captured hearts across the globe with her amazing, jaw-dropping, talent. Trust me, these next 5 minutes and 6 seconds of your life will not be spent in vain with Miss Hollie Steel:

Simply amazing. It’s hard to believe a voice like that can come out of such a tiny little girl. But it did. It’s hard to believe that a 10-year-old would have the courage to share her gift with the world. But she did. Shes an encouragement to us all, and I cannot wait to see how the rest of Hollie’s story unfolds.

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We Have Ourselves A Crisis Situation…

These are words you never ever want to hear. Be it in your personal life, or your work environment. Unfortuantely, I do not have any saged advice as to what to do when these words are uttered within the context of your family or friend dynamics. But thanks to a class discussion with Professor Nixon, I can help you out when it comes to work life. Well actually, when it comes to PR work life.

There are 4 types of Crises:

The sparks of a Crisis are: -Environmental
-Criminal Misconduct

Benefits of Planning:
-Reduce stress
-Demonstrates Goodwill
-Flow of Information
-Involves Stakeholders
-Business Continuity

In your Crisis Communication Kit you must have 7 items:
1) List of members of crisis management team
2)Contact information for key officers
3) Facts sheet on company:each division, physical location, and each product offered
4) Profiles, bios, ect. for each key member in the company
5)Copies of logos, press release format, and scanned in signature of CEO on disk
6)Pre-written scripts answering key questions
7)Contact info

It is VERY important that you have this kit stored OFF-SITE.

The 4 stages of a crisis are:


Understanding what a crisis is and how to tackle it is the first step in crisis management. You must prepare your entire team on how to handle a crisis if/when one ever arises. As the Boy Scout’s always say, “Always Be Prepared!”

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Video Killed The Radio Star:Blog Remix

We all know the story. Something we once considered the coolest thing since sliced bread is all of a sudden replaced by the latest fad. Take scrunchies. They were once the go-to item for in-style ladies. If you were the uber fashionista—you had one in every color. Now, you would be hard pressed to find a girl sporting such a thing. (Unless of course its the end of the night and shes washing her face over her sink.)

Are blogs headed for this same fate? Other social media devices such as Facebook and Twitter are beginning to overshadow the ‘blogosphere.’ Twitter offers a sort of mini-blog feel that is sharper and more direct, but could it really completely erase the world of blogging?

John Cass, brings up a great point in that blogging isn’t necessarily leaving us, but rather transforming the way we communicate. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, we now have different ways to communicate different messages. What may be effective to say on Facebook, may not be exactly ‘blogworthy’ or relevant for the blog world.

At any rate, I personally do not believe that blogging is on the way out at all. I do think that Twitter and Facebook may cause blogging to ‘step up its game,’ but roll over and play dead? I think not.


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A Starbucks Oasis

You never know what the day may bring. You never know who you may bump into, or who may suprise you. Each new day brings with it an endless list of possibilities. Today, my destiny was to make a new friend named Lindsay.

Let me set the stage for you: It was about 6 PM on a Monday—the week before finals. My head was pounding from a headache I just could not shake. I walked into Starbucks on campus with my laptop in one hand and Chick-Fil-A in the other. I was prepared to spend the next 3 hours of my life engrossed in school work. What I did not expect, was to meet a sweet spirit that reminded me of Truths I had somehow forgotten.

I had just began munching on my #2 combo when a girl came in and sat next to me. Now, for those of you who have ever been in any Starbucks in your life…you know that there is barely any room between you and your neighbor. The tables are small…yet the space between them, even smaller. But this girl caught my eye— because she too had disgraced Starbucks by bringing in some yummy Chick-Fil-A goodness. So naturally, we began making small talk and what not. She saw my jounal, complimented me on it, and said that she too was a journal-er. (Translation: You’re a Christian? Me too!)

We sat in silence for a few more moments, when she then turned to me and said, “I just feel like we’re suppose to talk. And be friends. What’s going on in your life?”

Just like that, my heart shattered. I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe because the stress of school had my emotions running high. Maybe because that honesty is refreshing and caught me off-guard. But most likely, because God was speaking directly through her and reminding me how BIG He is.

A simple converstaion. Nothing Earth shattering or life-changing was said. But it was a divine encounter. It was an encouraging five minutes for me. It was what I needed, and God knew that.

Have you ever met someone before and just knew they came around at the right time? Amazing experience, isn’t it?

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Public Relations As A Process

In class, we learned the basics of PR thanks to an acronym: R.A.C.E.
R =Research—Define the problem
A =Action—-What will we do about the problem.
C =Communication—How will we tell the public.
E =Evaluation—Did you reach your audience? What effect did you have?

When we are reasearching, we are figuring out what specifically the problem is. We must discover what kind of info is needed. We need to decide how research data will be analyzed, reported, and applied. We need to establish how soon results need to be reported. And as always, we need to know how much this research will cost us.

PR professionals use research in a few different ways:
-Help management keep in touch
-Prevent crisis
-Measure success

To make things easy, research is generally broken up into two sub-groups:
Secondary Research: Ex: reading
Primary Research: Ex: Research we do ourselves.

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Changing A Life Begins With A Single Step

I have always loved Toms. It’s a beautiful cause backed with a beautiful message. Toms sells shoes, and for every pair you buy—they’ll give a pair to a child in need. One-For-One is the campaign. What a slogan. What a message. What a movement.


Toms has only been around for a couple years. It’s still a relatively new market. So imagine my suprise when I was watching The Masters on TV and saw a commerical for my beloved Toms. It basically made my day. It was exciting on many different levels, but mainly I was jazzed that Toms snagged a spot during The Masters. What a steal. So many new people learned about Toms and their business model in a matter of seconds. One huge benefit to mass social media. TV commercials have the ability to inform countless people on countless issues in a matter of seconds. Thanks to this one 30 second commercial, the brand of Toms was expanded.

Until this point, Toms-fame has basically traveled by word of mouth. What a testiment to a great business model, as well as a testiment to the human race. People want to be involved in something that is good. Toms even agrees, “For anybody that is starting a small business or has an idea, incorporate giving in what you do.”

Their business model

Their business model


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