Newsflash: Actions Still Speak Louder Than Words

Seth Godin knows what he’s talking about in this post. What your kindergarten teacher taught you at age 5 still rings true. Now, this concept can and SHOULD be applied to all levels of life. Why do you think you learned it before you learned the art of leadership? The art of business? The art of relationships? Be it in your social or professional circles—your actions are what are left after everything else fades away.

Companies that understand this—understand much. You can talk all day about how your product will never fail or about how your customer service model is flawless….but it means little unless you have proof. Do you have satisfied customers? Do you have people outside of your team and your personal circles who believe in what you are doing? If you do, then you understand what a precious commodity that is. If you don’t, then it might be the key in bringing success to what you’re doing.


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