Mother Nature

This is what I oftentimes refer to my mom as. Take my word, no woman is more concerned with God’s creation than my sweet Bob. (Bob=what the fam calls my mom) She drives around with a sack of catfood in her trunk, on the off-chance that she should run into a little kitty down on their luck. Even as a young child growing up on a farm, she was ALWAYS bringing home little animals and adopting them as family pets. (This can become problematic when you live on a farm where cows are raised to later turn into hamburgers.) Little chicks, cats, dogs, you name it—Bob loves it. During my 20 years of life with her, I cannot think of a single time that we did not have an animal dependent on us.

May 1st—Bob will be celebrating another year of life. (She would kill me if she knew I released that information onto the World Wide Web) I thought it so appropriate that DisneyNature’s new movie was hitting theatres around the same time. No one would appreciate the story of God’s little creatures like Bob would. So in honor of Bob, the recent celebration of Earth Day, and my sheer fondness of Disney….I present to you, Earth:


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