We Have Ourselves A Crisis Situation…

These are words you never ever want to hear. Be it in your personal life, or your work environment. Unfortuantely, I do not have any saged advice as to what to do when these words are uttered within the context of your family or friend dynamics. But thanks to a class discussion with Professor Nixon, I can help you out when it comes to work life. Well actually, when it comes to PR work life.

There are 4 types of Crises:

The sparks of a Crisis are: -Environmental
-Criminal Misconduct

Benefits of Planning:
-Reduce stress
-Demonstrates Goodwill
-Flow of Information
-Involves Stakeholders
-Business Continuity

In your Crisis Communication Kit you must have 7 items:
1) List of members of crisis management team
2)Contact information for key officers
3) Facts sheet on company:each division, physical location, and each product offered
4) Profiles, bios, ect. for each key member in the company
5)Copies of logos, press release format, and scanned in signature of CEO on disk
6)Pre-written scripts answering key questions
7)Contact info

It is VERY important that you have this kit stored OFF-SITE.

The 4 stages of a crisis are:


Understanding what a crisis is and how to tackle it is the first step in crisis management. You must prepare your entire team on how to handle a crisis if/when one ever arises. As the Boy Scout’s always say, “Always Be Prepared!”


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