Video Killed The Radio Star:Blog Remix

We all know the story. Something we once considered the coolest thing since sliced bread is all of a sudden replaced by the latest fad. Take scrunchies. They were once the go-to item for in-style ladies. If you were the uber fashionista—you had one in every color. Now, you would be hard pressed to find a girl sporting such a thing. (Unless of course its the end of the night and shes washing her face over her sink.)

Are blogs headed for this same fate? Other social media devices such as Facebook and Twitter are beginning to overshadow the ‘blogosphere.’ Twitter offers a sort of mini-blog feel that is sharper and more direct, but could it really completely erase the world of blogging?

John Cass, brings up a great point in that blogging isn’t necessarily leaving us, but rather transforming the way we communicate. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, we now have different ways to communicate different messages. What may be effective to say on Facebook, may not be exactly ‘blogworthy’ or relevant for the blog world.

At any rate, I personally do not believe that blogging is on the way out at all. I do think that Twitter and Facebook may cause blogging to ‘step up its game,’ but roll over and play dead? I think not.



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