A Starbucks Oasis

You never know what the day may bring. You never know who you may bump into, or who may suprise you. Each new day brings with it an endless list of possibilities. Today, my destiny was to make a new friend named Lindsay.

Let me set the stage for you: It was about 6 PM on a Monday—the week before finals. My head was pounding from a headache I just could not shake. I walked into Starbucks on campus with my laptop in one hand and Chick-Fil-A in the other. I was prepared to spend the next 3 hours of my life engrossed in school work. What I did not expect, was to meet a sweet spirit that reminded me of Truths I had somehow forgotten.

I had just began munching on my #2 combo when a girl came in and sat next to me. Now, for those of you who have ever been in any Starbucks in your life…you know that there is barely any room between you and your neighbor. The tables are small…yet the space between them, even smaller. But this girl caught my eye— because she too had disgraced Starbucks by bringing in some yummy Chick-Fil-A goodness. So naturally, we began making small talk and what not. She saw my jounal, complimented me on it, and said that she too was a journal-er. (Translation: You’re a Christian? Me too!)

We sat in silence for a few more moments, when she then turned to me and said, “I just feel like we’re suppose to talk. And be friends. What’s going on in your life?”

Just like that, my heart shattered. I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe because the stress of school had my emotions running high. Maybe because that honesty is refreshing and caught me off-guard. But most likely, because God was speaking directly through her and reminding me how BIG He is.

A simple converstaion. Nothing Earth shattering or life-changing was said. But it was a divine encounter. It was an encouraging five minutes for me. It was what I needed, and God knew that.

Have you ever met someone before and just knew they came around at the right time? Amazing experience, isn’t it?


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  1. sfarmer2

    Aw this is a good blog…you have a good writing style. This is actually really interesting for a blog that doesn’t have to do with our pr class.

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