Public Relations As A Process

In class, we learned the basics of PR thanks to an acronym: R.A.C.E.
R =Research—Define the problem
A =Action—-What will we do about the problem.
C =Communication—How will we tell the public.
E =Evaluation—Did you reach your audience? What effect did you have?

When we are reasearching, we are figuring out what specifically the problem is. We must discover what kind of info is needed. We need to decide how research data will be analyzed, reported, and applied. We need to establish how soon results need to be reported. And as always, we need to know how much this research will cost us.

PR professionals use research in a few different ways:
-Help management keep in touch
-Prevent crisis
-Measure success

To make things easy, research is generally broken up into two sub-groups:
Secondary Research: Ex: reading
Primary Research: Ex: Research we do ourselves.


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