Plot Your Course

If you haven’t heard, PR is a game of tactics. You need to have a game plan. There is a lot to be encompassed in this game plan. Firstly, there’s the news release. This little go-getter is the most commonly used PR tactic. It is sent to journalists and editors with hopes of becoming published in columns. News releases must ALWAYS be accurate, informative, and written in a journalistic style. Period. No exceptions. Write that down, people.

Example of a News Release

Example of a News Release

Often, inside of our new friend— the news release, there are these things called publicity photos. Their job is to simply make the news release look good. They must be high resolution and well composed. If it is not helping the news release, it is hurting it.

Inside the family of news releases, is the mat release. This form of news release primarily has a feature angle instead of hard news. They are designed to provide the reader with consumer info and tips in a strictly objective manner. Oftentimes, these features appear in the food, travel, auto, and business sections of a newspaper.

All publicity materials can be distributed in five ways:
1. Mail
2. Fax
3. E-Mail
4. Electronic Wire Service
5. Web Pressrooms

As with most things these days, most publicity materials are distributed electronically.

Chapter 14 in Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics (9th ed.) by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron


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