Communicate to Motivate

In class, we went into great detail about what it means to communicate effectively. We learned that you must always have a very clear objective as well as a means to accomplish this objective. No matter what you’re trying to commuincate, you are always trying to accomplish 4 main goals:

1. Accurate dissimination of info.
2. Accept message.
3. Change attitude based on message.
4. Change behavior based on message.

Audiences are broken into two types: Active and Passive. With a passive audience, you must do something to grab their attenetion.

BE MEMORABLE. BE MEMORABLE. BE MEMORABLE. This little piece of advice cannot be stressed enough. Just like anything else in life, if you are not interesting and speaking in an interesting manner, you will lose your audience.

In the same way that you must be memorable, you must also be understandable. You need to properly and effectively use language, write clearly, use symbols, acronyms, and slogans. You must always avoid jargon, cliches and hype words, euphemisms, and discriminatory language.

The point of communication, is to empower your audience. You want to introduce them to your side. To join your cause. You want to give the ultimate pep-talk, in a sense. We all know that passionate people are the ones that make change happen. They are the ones who get the ball rolling. So you want to always leave your audience motivated and excited to be on your team.


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