Changing A Life Begins With A Single Step

I have always loved Toms. It’s a beautiful cause backed with a beautiful message. Toms sells shoes, and for every pair you buy—they’ll give a pair to a child in need. One-For-One is the campaign. What a slogan. What a message. What a movement.


Toms has only been around for a couple years. It’s still a relatively new market. So imagine my suprise when I was watching The Masters on TV and saw a commerical for my beloved Toms. It basically made my day. It was exciting on many different levels, but mainly I was jazzed that Toms snagged a spot during The Masters. What a steal. So many new people learned about Toms and their business model in a matter of seconds. One huge benefit to mass social media. TV commercials have the ability to inform countless people on countless issues in a matter of seconds. Thanks to this one 30 second commercial, the brand of Toms was expanded.

Until this point, Toms-fame has basically traveled by word of mouth. What a testiment to a great business model, as well as a testiment to the human race. People want to be involved in something that is good. Toms even agrees, “For anybody that is starting a small business or has an idea, incorporate giving in what you do.”

Their business model

Their business model



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2 responses to “Changing A Life Begins With A Single Step

  1. madisonvaughn

    I totally admire this man! and I really want some of his shoes!!!

  2. mjohns92

    I would love a pair of Toms!! I also saw the advertisement watching the Masters!! Great advertising!

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