Catalyst Does It Again

Catalyst delivers, yet again. The company which has brought you 10 years of conferences with out-of-the-box creativity has served it up one more time. The new Catalyst website just launched last week, providing its fan base with a lot to look forward to. From the wildly popular West Coast event which just wrapped, to Catalyst One Days, the Catalyst brand has a reputation that does marketing departments everywhere proud. Lets just say, Catalyst knows how to leave an impression. Take the group leader kits they send out each year. These little bundles of joy encompass the most random assortment of items, sure to keep you and your team entertained, (or at the very least distracted) for hours on end. These group leader kits include brochures, dvds, fun mini games, and always come wrapped up in an obscure box. Some have been shaped like a pizza box, some like a tube, others a cube. At any rate, Catalyst knows their target market. They know that they are trying to influence 20-40 year olds. They know that this is a creative generation, so the best way to reach them is creatively. This company practices what they preach. Catalyst does not send you fun games without testing them out themselves. They’ve perfected the idea of ‘work hard, play hard.’ It might not be rocket science, but it just might be crazy enough to work.



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