Twitter: Revisited

I surprised myself with how fast I took to Twitter. Within a few weeks, I was cranking out tweets like a pro. (HA!) In all seriousness, it was easy to jump into. Now, after some time has gone by, I can tell that twitter has become a more natural thing for me. I no longer sit and spend 5 minutes trying to decide what perfectly sculpted phrase I want to send out to the world. It’s becoming more second nature, instead of a daunting task.

Although the transition has been practically seamless, I still have a few questions about Twitter. Mostly I’m curious as to what Twitter will look like in the future. Will it continue as is, or will it commercialize to the point of being unrecognizable?

During my time with Twitter I discovered 3 PR Professionals that have been SO helpful:

Alison Bailin:@abailinShe is an Account Exec at HMA Public Relations and handles Media Relations, Crisis Comm, and Event Planning. It’s been beneficial to hear her take on social media and the world of PR in general.
SocialWebPR @socialwebpr This PR professional is based in the UK, and helps keep me informed with what’s going on in the world and how PR relates to that. A recently discussed topic includes Ashton Kutcher reaching a million followers.
PR Couture: @PR_Couture This company specializes in fashion merchandising and is based out of San Diego and New York. They talk about PR in the fashion world and how social media goes along with that. I’m not actually interested in fashion PR, but it is interesting none-the-less!

You can find me on Twitter @AnsleyLawhead.



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2 responses to “Twitter: Revisited

  1. You pose some good questions about the future of Twitter.


  2. Ansley — to get the most out of twitter, just engage, converse and have fun. Also suggest adding some bio info to your profile. Will make it easier for people to decide to follow you when they know a little more about you.

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