In our society, we are evaluated in every arena of our lives. From the jobs we pursue, to the friends we hold near, to the clothes on our backs. We are given a social ‘critique’ of how our lives are—the good and the not so good.

In much the same way, evaluation takes place in the PR world. Evaluation is most simply described as the measurement of results against objectives. An evaluation can establish if our goals have been met, as well as guide us in ways to enhance our future performance.

Before we can evaluate something, we MUST have know the objectives we wished to meet. There must be an agreed-upon criteria used to evaluate success in obtaining these objectives. Always. Period.

Studies show that a PR budget typically allocates 4 or 5 percent to evaluations and measurements. The levels of measurement are:
-Message Exposure
-Audience Awareness
-Audience Attitudes
-Audience Action
-Supplement Activites

Chapter 8: Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics (9th ed.) by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron


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