Ethics and PR: Chapter 3 Rundown

1) The business world is not as devoid of ethical practices like we all believe. Great PR professionals take pride in being people of character. The three basic value orientations in terms of ethics are: absolutist, existentialist, and situationalist. Another more old-fashioned notion still around today is the good ol’ Golden Rule.

2) No matter who we work for, we all have a respobnsibility to behave in an ethical manner. Even if we represent only one company or cause, we have no excuse to not behave accordingly. Society as a whole understands that an advocate for a particular cause is working on an assigned task with an assigned role—just as a defense lawyer or attorney might.

3) In today’s PR world, we are discovering gray areas. Lines seem to blur in the context of PR, Advertising, and Journalism. There are a miriad of reasons behind this current shift. One prevalent cause, is the current economic state we’re in. These pressures force many different organizations, especially specialty magazines, to connect paid advertising with editorial content. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the duties of PR personnel, and Journalists.


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