How to Land The Top Job…

…It might be easier than you think. When you approach an interview, you are essentially attempting to sell yourself. You want this company to think you are the best, most qualified, most obvious choice. You want to WOW them. If you follow these 10 tips, you can begin to rest assured that you gave it your all. This by no means you’re guaranteed an offer, but it is a jumping off point none-the-less:

10. Always, always, always make sure that you’re refrences are informed that they are indeed your refrences. Make sure you’ve prepped them about your interview and the job opportunity that will hopefully follow.

9. Never ever forget to bring a copy of your resume. It’s important to make sure that your potential employer has a tangible representation of your time spent together. While we’re talking about resumes…

8. Keep it short!! One page is all that is required of a resume. Too much longer looks a bit drawn out, too short and it can appear too vague.

7. Use your manners! Send a thank you card AND e-mail after an interview. It shows that you truly care and it brings a ‘human touch’ to the sometimes tough business world.

6. Always know what type of interview you are about to walk into, and be ready for it. Whether its a phone, webcast, one-on-one, panel, ect. Always know so that you know how to prepare.

5. Inforce your own dress code. Remember, you are indeed trying to sell yourself as a certain ‘type’ or ‘brand.’ (One that will fit their company!) So your outfit should reflect your seriousness about the matter.

4. Know the company you are trying to be a part of! It’s important that you research and understand the workings of the team you are trying to join.

3. For those of us who are putting a resume together straight out of college, it is always best to shy away from highschool information. It’s ok if you include some very outstanding award or what not, but other than that…you should leave that information out.

2. In your resume, be specific about your career objective. Mention what you want to do and where you want to do it.

1. Be POSITIVE! Ask questions, and try to be yourself. Show what you can bring and how you can better the team!

Good luck!



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4 responses to “How to Land The Top Job…

  1. beth

    I love this list! I especially LOVE the #1 “rule”: positivity! An employer wants someone who is willing to look forward to possibilities and options. What better way than to be positive?

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  3. mackenziestratton

    I love your list! I think so many people get worried about what they should say, wear, and what’s on their resume and they forget to have confidence in themselves for the interview! I love how you have to be positive on your list!
    -Mackenzie Stratton

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