Public Relations—Then and Now

Public Relations is a technique that has come quite a long way. From it’s early beginnings in ancient Babylonia, to putting Ivory Soap on the map, PR is a necessity in moving the human race forward. It’s evolution speaks for itself, PR is here to stay. What interests me most however, is how PR looks for my generation.

Public Relations has a lot to look forward to in the next 50 years. For one thing, the business world is heading towards a trend of transparency. This means that PR Professionals across the globe are going to have their work cut out for them as they begin communicating more intentionally with stakeholders and keeping them constantly ‘in the know.’ There will be an increase in the role PR plays in planning and executing integrated communications campaigns. Marketing and Management consultants will begin entering the field offering the skill of building relationships with various publics just as Public Relations does. This means that PR Professionals will need to completely dominate the areas of positioning, branding, reputation management, and the maintance of strong relationships. The flow of information across the globe, now streams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It never tires, and never settles. This means that PR will need to manage the news cycle at all times. There must be a constant update of information, answer to journalists’ inquiries, and all appropriate information for the general public must be updated continuously. Needlessly to say, the life a PR Professional will always be fast paced, unruly, and even stressful beyond belief at times. But through all that, is the heart of the matter. The belief that at the end of the day, through your work in PR, you’ve furthered a cause, or a company, or a person you believe in. And for that, all is worth it.


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